How many ways to start a Weblogic Server?


"Last Updated on Aug 19, 2020"

Whenever I refresh Weblogic topics, I wonder why there is not a single page or site to list all the possible ways to start a weblogic server. I searched a lot but couldn't find a page, where all the ways are listed(May be I missed to notice?).

So I thought to write my first Middleware post to list the methods to start weblogic server.

Few of them are,

  1. Using Standard scripts
  2. Using Weblogic Admin console
  3. Using WLST (without nm for admin alone)
  4. Using WLST and Nodemanager
  5. Using Java command directly

Lets see them one by one.

1) Using Standard scripts

The first and easiest way is to use standard startup scripts and it doesn't need nodemanager.

To start the admin server in unix, use '' in 'BEA_HOME\user_projects\domains\DOMAIN_NAME\bin' (for windows 'startWebLogic.cmd').

To start a managed server in unix, use '' from the same path mentioned above (for windows 'startManagedWebLogic.cmd'.

Generic syntax:


./ <managed_server_name> <admin_url>

2) Using Weblogic Admin console

To start/restart the server using console you must configure nodemanager first.

Console will be up only if the admin server is running. Hence starting admin server using console is not a valid option or method.

To start managed server,

  • Login to console
  • Go to Environments ->Servers from left pane
  • Select control tab and start the server.

3) Using WLST (without nm for admin alone)

In this method we can use startServer command in WLST to start the admin server without nodemanager (offline mode). Managed server cannot be started without nm.

General syntax:

'java weblogic.WLST' to connect to wlst.

To start admin server: startServer('admin_server','domain_name','admin_url','username','password','domain_dir')

To start a managed server, launch wlst and then connect to admin server using,



4) Using WLST and Nodemanager

In this method, we can use nm commands to start both admin and managed servers.

General syntax :

Nodemanager should be up and running.

Invoke wlst using 'java weblogic.WLST'

Connect to nm from wlst offline using 'nmConnect(' nm_username', 'nm_password', 'nm_host', 'nm_port', 'domainname', 'domain_dir','ssltype')'

Once connected, use 'nmStart('admin_server')' to start admin node

To start managed node you have to connect to nodemanager running in the managed server host and then use the same command as above.

'nmConnect(' nm_username', 'nm_password', 'nm_host', 'nm_port', 'domainname', 'domain_dir','ssltype')'


In this method if you want to start multiple nodes reside in multiple servers, you have to connect to the nm running in the server and then you have to start.

5) Using Java command directly

Using direct java command you can start the server.

To start admin server, first set the env using below command

WL_HOME/server/bin/ (for windows use cmd file)

Once the env is set go to the domain dir and run the below command

Domain dir : BEA_HOME\user_projects\domains\DOMAIN_NAME

java weblogic.Server

If admin is up and you have already defined the managed server for that domain, then you can use the below ommand to start managed server

'java -Dweblogic.Name=managed_server

All the options and parameters mentioned above are basics.. You can find more parameters to fine tune and customize your environment.

For inputs and suggestions, please comment.

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